What the hell do I post today?

A rather strange day really . Started the day with ambitions to do so much . Was going to go to Captain Sharks to get information of what types of golf carts are available . Rose and I have already decided that we want one that has a flat-bed at the back for provisions . We are confident ( really hope that these do not turn out to be ‘famous last words’) that our 25,000 gallon water tank will meet our general purpose needs eg showers, washing machine, washing up and flushing ( sorry but it needs to be done) but we will need to buy our bottled ( 5 gallon containers) drinking water and we will need carrying capacity for this .

Plus, we will be further away from the grocery stores that are in close access to where we are now in our rental accommodation so intend to ‘bulk buy’ when we hit the shops.

We need help to decide which model to ‘go for’ so have decided to run a competition .You help us to make a choice and you get a free ride and drive of it if you ever come to visit us !

Carryall Turf.


Carryall Turf 2.


Polaris Ranger XP 900.


Carryall 272.


Carryall 295 SE.


Whatever choice we end up making we will have it custom painted – they come in a limited colour range- and have security wheel locking nuts ( wheels are really expensive here) fitted. We will also have a lockable box fitted in the cargo box.

We are not going to buy a golf cart until we obtain Qualified Retirement Programme status because that way we do not have to pay General Sales Tax (GST). However, we are hopeful that we will gain this in a few months and will then be able to buy our own vehicle . With you help of course.

I have a visit to the dentist tomorrow to have the stitches removed but do not worry the blog will still appear . Courtesy of a guest blogger. All will be revealed tomorrow !


  1. Alice says:

    The ‘Polaris Ranger XP 900.’ wheels look good if those roads will stay bumpy but am I chuckling at the thought of you getting the ‘Carryall Turf 2’ so Rose can tip you out when you get home from the pub!!! hahaha x

    1. Could be that I won’t it so that I can ‘tip’ Rose at he end of an evening!

      1. Meant to type ‘ want’ not ‘won’t’ .

  2. Kathy Wangsgard says:

    Sorry, but most of these are too long for the new vehicle laws.

    1. Suppose I will have to condense my posts then!

  3. Dylan says:

    Carryall 295se
    You gota have four seats,
    Unless you can get that mean looking 272 with four seats.

  4. Ian Jackson says:

    Carryall turf with 22 inch rims, fat rubber and a huge sound system, bucket seats and full harnesses…..and let’s not rule out nitrous oxide injection just in case the old bill chase you home from the pub.

    More seriously, if you are having it repainted then I want to see a union jack on the roof. Just sayin’.

    1. Have not ruled out the 22 inch wheels , bucket seats, even the nitrous oxide but a union jack on the roof.

  5. Mary Jarvis says:

    XP900,Just because it looks more ladylike, xxxx

  6. Tom Rodger says:

    John – I would recommend the Polaris Ranger with a camoflage paint job. That way when the UKs nuclear subs are kicked out of the Firth of Clyde when Scotland declares UDI, the UK Govt can say with some certainty that they have Polaris delpoyed in Central America. Tom

    1. Tom – one for the Polaris it is then . Do I join the Territorials now ?

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