Who said you are safe with McAfee?

I now know that news of the murder of a neighbour of John McAfee -he of security software fame –
has hit shores far away from little Ambergris Caye.

News of the murder first hit the local grapevine (the Ambergris Caye Message Board) Sunday afternoon with McAfee being considered a suspect.

Whether or not he was involved in this killing the incident might make Intel, the owners of McAfee, rethink its slogan “Safe is not a privilege . It is a right. Safe never sleeps”.

Have never met McAfee but seen him around Ambergris Caye since we arrived here in May. His house is around 4 miles from where our new home will be located. We will be installing a security system but not one produced by you know who!

On a happier note we moved a little forward today on the application process for the Qualified Retirement Programme when Rose and I visited the Belize Tourism Board’s office in San Pedro Town ( a five minute drive in the golf cart).

We now know that we should have a good chance of getting a report from the San Pedro Police to validate that we do not have a criminal record . Well, at least in Belize! This will save us having to make the schlep ( sorry, too much time in the company of Americans – and for any American readers ,thank you I have picked up some great words from you) to Belmopan which is the capital city on the mainland.

We were also given the name and email address of the person responsible for processing applications who I am aware of having read about her on message boards. All comments about her being favourable ( hope that she gets to read this).

We then went for our daily visit to the site of our new home and were very pleased to see that progress had been made on the next stage of the piles. I can virtually hear some of you groaning at the mention of piles again . Well, you are going to have to get used to it . Or, if I lose readers ( yes, I know you are viewers but I spent too long working in newspapers) I will have to stop mentioning them.

Anyway, back to the progress report. The guys had started to place the next section of rebar and pour concrete to hold it in place.

Pouring concrete.


Effect after concrete pouring.


It is a labour intensive and messy process.


OK so one of them ( me) is standing around doing nothing . I wasn’t in management for years without learning something!

The other bit of progress is that we are now ‘hooked up’ with electricity.



  1. Brad says:

    No personal protective equipment there I see. Not even bothered with flip flops on his feet. He wouldn’t get an even tan otherwise.

    1. OK I’ll get the boots out. I did bring some with me.

    2. Nothing to do with a tan. Cannot remember where I put the boots!

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