So, what is the house going to look like ?

At this very early stage of the build I thought I should share with you the type of house that we are having built. It will have 3 floors, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a powder room,a utility room, kitchen, living/dining area and a large store room ( for all of the stuff that will eventually join us from England).

The gound floor will comprise a kitchen/living area and a bedroom with en suite ( this will essentially be a self-contained apartment). This floor will also accommodate the store room and room to park the golf cart ( there will be a slope for ease of access).

The first floor will have the utility room, a powder room, the kitchen, a a bedroom with en suite ( this will primariliy be used by Rose as a handicrafts room) and the living/dining area which will look out onto the lagoon. This floor will also have a ‘wrap-around’ veranda.

The second floor will be our bedroom with two walk-in closets that lead to our respective bathrooms. This floor will also have a fairly large roof terrace.

Architect’s impression of our house.


To the south of us ( next door to the left if we are looking at the lagoon) is our neighbour Jason’s house called Pirate Villas. A rental property with a restaurant/bar roadside ( Pirate’s Treasure Restaurant and Bar – mentioned this place in a previous post).

Pirate Villas


To the north of us ( to the right of us if we are looking at the lagoon – think you all worked this one out anyway) is Bamboo House . We haven’t met the owners yet but am sure that we will very soon .

Bamboo House.


Enough of our neighbours and back to the build of our house. On our visit to the site today we were very pleased to see that electricity was not far away from being connected.

BEL (Belize Electricity Limited) man wiring us up!


Daniel’s guys were also doing the preparatory work – bailing out the water from the pile holes- for he next stage of pile work. Nothing automated here, just a water bottle cut in half so that they can scoop the water out.

High tech water removal !


Once the second stage of the piles are in they will start work on the 25,000 gallon water tank that will be installed under the house . This will be a rainwater collection system and the tank capacity should be sufficient to meet our needs ( I hope so because I did the calculations . Plus, if I got it wrong we will be in for water deliveries which would prove to be a bit costly). The delivery of cement is for the completion of the piles.

Cement delivery ( yes, I know it’s boring but…).



  1. Larry Merrill says:

    Just happened upon your blog about construction of your house on the Caye. I foundout about it from Emily Smith. Very interesting. My wife and I are also consdering building there one day.

    1. Larry, pleased that you are finding the blog interesting. Hopefully it may also prove of some use if you eventually build here.
      Kind regards John

  2. Mary Jarvis says:

    David can go there,i like a bit more comfort.Just heard on the sky news that there is a murderer hiding in Belize,I hope he is not near you,love to Rose xxxxxxx

    1. The other end of the island from where we are renting but around 4 miles from where our house is being built. Rose sends her love.

  3. Mary Jarvis says:

    Just spotted our room,haha. ? xxx

    1. Is that the Bodega I showed in a previous post !

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