And now for something completely different

No build today so no ‘boring’ photos of a construction site to post . A day of rest for Daniel, our building constructor, and his team. And us .

So, I thought I would attempt to give you an idea of what it is like where we now live. Future posts will describe and show ( yes there will be loads of photos) just what it is like. But the only way to really know is to come here and experience it ( see, already I am trying to book the guest accommodation – readers of previous blogs will ‘get’ this but if you don’t then go through the archives).

To get to where our house is being built we have to go over a bridge . This is a toll bridge and each crossing costs BZ$5 . So for us to go look at progress it costs BZ$10 per visit . Knowing that we are going to review progress on a daily ( maybe twice daily) basis we bought the monthly pass at BZ$150. You get the monthly pass at the San Pedro Town Council’s Transport Department in Barrier Reef Drive ( known by most locals as ‘front street’.

The bridge.


Before getting to the bridge from the north side of the island ( and it is on the north side that we are having our house built) is the cinema . It takes a while for the new releases to ‘ hit’ the island but ‘hit’ it they do. A ticket for an adult is BZ$10.

The cinema.


On leaving the bridge we come to the only round-about on the island ( where two supermarkets and a hardware store are located) .

The round-about.


No traffic congestion to speak of !

Along the way we pass the fire station


And, next door to it, the police station


We then continue down ‘back street’ ( sorry but I cannot remember the actual name but I will correct this temporary bout of amnesia ( or memory fogged by the few beers I have had) in a future post. This street, like the two other main streets in San Pedro , has its fair share of restaurants, grocers, hardware stores and barbers.

Back street


Still heading home we pass the Immigration Department . An important place for us because it is here that we get our 30 day Visas renewed (BZ$50 for the first six months and then BZ$100 thereafter).

The Immigration Department


Feeling somewhat tired and thirsty we felt we deserved a beer ( or two) and decided to head to BC’s ( our all time favourite bar on the beach). Beers are cheap – BZ$4 – and the view ( you will have to wait to see this ) is fantastic. Not the greatest road to get there but well worth the bumps.

The long and bumpy road ( not that long but it is bumpy) to BC’s


And then we get there for our Belikin ( the local bottled beer brewed in Belize). There are a number of choices but I will delay detailing them until a later post ( just trying to ‘hook’ you!).

The back entrance to BC’s



  1. Lyndon says:

    Hi John, happened across your blog and pictures via a linked In up date… glad I did….I remember you talking about your Holidays to Belize and your dream of living there but, Wow it is really happening for you….Fantastic!…..waiting for the next installment regarding your trip to the Dentist and also eagerly awaiting more progress pictures of your new house as it takes shape….

    Kindest regards


    1. Lyndon, so good to ‘hear’ from you. And really pleased that I linked my blog to LinkedIn. Thanks for your comments re the blog. I will try to give you good reason to view it every day! Kind regards John

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