I’ve got piles!

Normally you would keep it to yourself but I am proud to announce that “I’ve got piles”.

Today 8 of the 18 piles ( 16 for the house and 2 for the exterior stairs) were placed on the bedrock ( a consolidated rock under the surface). The process used was extremely manual in nature with the only bit of automated equipment used being the generator to pump water from the lagoon to create a powerful jet of water to loosen the earth . The guys then removed by hand and bucket the earth until they ‘hit bedrock’.

Power jet in action


They then removed the loosened earth with one of the guys jumping in the hole and digging it out by hand and with a bucket . He was literally up to his neck in water.


Having hit bedrock it was time to lift the pile and place it in the hole. All done by hand, no automated lifting equipment at all.

The remaining 10 piles should be placed on Monday and then they can start laying the foundations.

Various stages of placing the pile in the hole




Pile in place



  1. Mike says:

    Hello from the past…

    1. Hi Mike. Hope all is good for you. Best John

  2. Mary Jarvis says:

    Hi Rose John, Its all go there,so glad its coming together for you,wont be long and the house will be up and you can start living your dream,love to you both ,Mary, Dave xx

    1. Thanks Mary. A long way to go yet. Only around 3% of the build time has expired.

    2. Oh, meant to ask, do you like the changes made to the blog? Still mucking around trying to find a layout that I like.

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