Guest accommodation gets named !

North London , and Arsenal in particular, started to take root in Tres Cocos, Ambergris Caye, today when Rose got to work with a Sharpie. The sign, although not of sign-writing class, conveyed a strong message nonetheless (patience, there is a photo at the end of this post).

On a more serious note – not to say that anything to do with Arsenal isn’t serious – all 18 of the piles have been made and have cured ( must find out it this is the correct word) and are ready to be jetted ( use of pressurised water from the lagoon to create the necessary opening) into the ground.

Piles ready for use


The holes for the piles are already dug but need clearing of some of the water that the recent rain created before the piles go in . The power jet hose will take care of that.

Holes ready for the piles.



Should have mentioned before now but when we lived on the Isle of Dogs in East London our local pub was called The Ferry House. Rose and I had plenty of good times there and miss the many good friends we made. Pleased to say that when we move into our new home we will not have far to go to get to our local . It is next door!

Our next door neighbour.




  1. Alice says:

    Ow I definitely would like to go to the Pirates Treasure restaurant and pub when I visit. Is Mr Johnny Deep there?

    1. Don’t have Johnny Depp here but we do have Johnny Deet . He keeps the mosquitoes away!

  2. MTW says:

    Bet you can grow some great flowers in this climate! The rain rotted my prize rudbeckia’s this year so a move to somewhere more temperate has been closer to the front rather than at the back of my mind. Belize is probably too hot for my sweet peas however, so Lot et Garonne is favourite at present. Come on you West Ham!

    1. I will be more than happy to grow some tomatoes, avocado, lime and orange. Oh, plus banana and coconut.

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