Ouch – dental work part 5

With an 08.30 hours appointment at the dentist I considered my options for transport to Belize City.

Option 1 was to take a Tropic Air or Maya Island Air flight from San Pedro (Ambergris Caye’s airport) to the Municipal Airport in Belize . Both airlines operate with flights departing on the hour and given my appointment time ( and I wanted to arrive early and not ‘just in time’) the 07.00 hours flight would be the one to go for.

For a single ( more on alternative ways of how to get back to San Pedro later) the costs (inclusive of taxes) by airline currently are:
Tropic Air @ BZ$95.80
Maya Island Air @ BZ$94

For a return flight (and both airlines have flights that depart on the half-hour) the costs ( again inclusive of taxes) are:
Tropic Air @BZ$162.60
Maya Island Air @BZ$161.00

Option 2 was to take a water ferry ( and I only looked at the Caye Caulker Water Taxi Association schedule- lazy I know) which, given my appointment time meant the 06.00 hours sailing with an arrival at the terminal in Belize City anywhere between 07.30 to 07.45 hours . Such an arrival time window is influenced by how promptly ( or not) the boat departs from San Pedro and how long it stops at Caye Caulker (ie how many passengers/ parcels are taken on board).

The costs to go by boat are:
Single @ BZ$25
Return @BZ43

So, I had my options . What did I choose? I suppose given my time working with people from Scotland ( no discrimination intended) there was only one choice, the ferry ( a return ticket)!

Given the early departure time Rose ‘did the decent thing’ and took me to the terminal ( the ‘Texaco’ pier) which is near Cholo’s Sports Bar (more about this bar that we have been frequenting for around 13 years in subsequent posts).

Really uneventful journey aside from a young American female tourist who boarded at Caye Caulker obviously the ‘worse from wear’ from a rum laden ‘night before’ who spent virtually the entire trip with her head over the side of the boat whilst she fed the fish ( apologies if you are eating whilst reading this). Anyway, I arrived in Belize City at 07.40 hours and,after reading for a bit, took a taxi (BZ$7) to the dentist.

On arrival I spent around 5 minutes in the Reception before being taken into the surgery to meet the team of three, headed by Doctor Hernandez from Guatemala, that would be working on my teeth.

They very thoroughly ran me through the procedure that they would be undertaking and set about anaesthetising me. They put me out around 08.35 hours and I remember nothing until I ‘came to’ at 12.17 hours.

They had already told me that I needed to be accompanied on my trip back to Ambergris Caye so I ‘phoned Rose ( she had travelled over on the 11.00 hours ferry with the intention of a little shopping – more on the shopping ‘experiences’ in Belize to follow) to come and get me.

After making sure that I was fit to travel they let Rose and I leave at around 13.00 hours on the taxi they arranged to take us to the ferry terminal .

Given that the next ferry to Ambergris Caye was leaving at 15.00 hours Rose, after making sure that I had rejoined ‘ the land of the living’, went to finish off her shopping spree ( sic).

Whilst she was away I had the joy of a nose bleed ( again, apologies if you are eating whilst reading this) which spattered my lovely lemon shirt ( reminder to wear something red next time I go to the dentist). A quick visit to the Restroom for a liberal dousing of the shirt transformed it from looking like something I had worn for a Halloween party.

The journey home was uneventful and it just now remained for me to take the medication and try to eat some food ( prior to the surgery I had been nil by os ( nil by mouth for my English readers))and I was famished. Rose took care of that with some lovely soup that she concocted.

Mouth today is sore but nowhere near as tender as it felt last night.

Cannot wait to return to the dentist next Wednesday to get the stitches removed and then three weeks later for the implants.

Oh, obviously need a photo for those of my readers that only want to look at pictures ! So below is a photo of the ferry we took to get back to Ambergris Caye.



  1. Alice says:

    When I imagined you and Rose on a ferry, this beautiful little yacht is not what came to mind. Loved the bit about the poor American girl feeding the fish hahaha

  2. Sam says:

    Loving your blog, I can remember chatting you about the joys of root canal treatment urghhh. I had an implant last year….my husband says he could have bought a car for what it cost! XX

    1. Sam (got it right this time!) we used to speak about some weird stuff didn’t we. Agree with the cost of implants – I am having 7 so could buy a really, really good golf cart.

      Really pleased you are enjoying the blog.

  3. Mary Jarvis says:

    Loving the all the emails, and the blog, nice to hear everything is going ok.

  4. Bob Steadman says:

    And there was me moaning about a bit of root canal last week…..are you going to look like Johnny Hollywood with the gleaming ultra white smile when you’re done ?

    1. More like Sanjay Bollywood. Been out in the sun a bit since I got here. Difficult to avoid!

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