Guest accommodation finished

We now have accommodation for the guest(s) that we didn’t invite but who turn up anyway – the Bodega ! It now has four walls and a roof and probably tomorrow will have electricity . No running water, no toilet, but…

The (unwanted) guest house


The piles are drying out nicely and they are making more forms so that more can be made at the same time ( bordering on mass production ).

Forms drying nicely


A cement tower has also been created and once the meter has been fitted BEL ( Belize Electricity Limited) will be contacted to ‘switch on the juice’.

Our electricity tower



  1. Mary Jarvis says:

    Love seeing all the changes,love to you both xxxxxx

  2. MARY says:

    Hi John Rose,Do you mean the unwanted guests like David and i.Ha Ha,Love to you both xxxxxxxxx

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