The walls start to go up …

not of the house unfortunately but of the Bodega( shed to me ). This is the building that materials will be stored in to protect against inclement weather and theft.

It is to protect against the latter that one of Daniel’s team will stay in it overnight.

The front of the Bodega


Inside the Bodega


The piles that were poured yesterday have yet to dry out but are on the way to doing so and hopefully will be ready for driving ( not to sure if this is the correct term) into the ground on Thursday.

The piles drying out.


Not sure if I will post tomorrow because ( those of you who have paid attention will know this ) I am going to Belize City for a dental appointment. All of those implants . Will be unable to sleep tonight with excitement !!!!!

Obviously on Thursday I will be posting again with photos of the dentistry work . Not really . But I will let you know how it went .


  1. karl says:

    hi im from ottawa canada and im looking a lots just outside belize city in ladyville, in vista del mar and also on ambergris caye,theres lots on the canal not far from the airport on ambergris caye on the lagoon concern is i need to have a place to house my cruiser from the waves and elements,thats why im looking at canal property instead of direct wondering how you feel isolated on the island compared to the considering ladyville just outside belizecity in an upscale community on the canals and with security and also the convienience of being able to travel the interior mainland.if i need to go to ambergris caye i will have my 30ft cruiser.also building contractors and prices are cheaper on the mainland.any information you can give me on both places would help,thanks,karl.

    1. Karl, apologies for not replying sooner.
      You have asked a few questions that I will do my best to answer. Bear in mind though that what I give is just my opinion.
      I have no real knowledge of life and conditions on the mainland eg Ladyville. We have made trips to the mainland but have always been in ‘holiday mode’ ie a lot different to everyday life.
      As to canal lots in Ambergris Caye, they are reasonably plentiful and I have seen many boats moored in front of the houses in such locations . The boats do have access to the Caribbean but it takes a little longer to get there.
      Little doubt that land and construction prices are cheaper on the mainland . At the end of the day it comes down to where you would prefer to live and can you afford to do so. We love Ambergris Caye and the calculations we did assured us that we can afford to live here. Hope these don’t turn out to be ‘famous last words’.
      If you have any other questions please let me have them .
      Good luck.

      1. karl. says:

        thanks,i was just concerned about being isolated on an island,but after talking to a couple of fellow canadians on ambergrise caye,i think i may go for one of the canal lots southwest of town as i may rent it out when im not there and the atmosphere and value of the island would be a better asset.

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