What a difference two days make

As Dinah Washington sang (OK a little bit of licence here) what a difference two days make!

No work on the plot yesterday ( everyone is entitled to a day off) but when we got there today there was plenty of activity. Three people mixing concrete and three ( two taking care of the wheelbarrow full of concrete) making the piles.

The rain yesterday afternoon and especially during the night had really made a difference to the plot which , given the hot and dry weather last week, had been drying out quite nicely . You can see what some heavy downpours can do to low lying land from the photo below.


The fact that the land was very waterlogged didn’t deter the guys with the wheelbarrow they just laid some planks to create a path.

They had already made the forms to pour the concrete into to create the piles and the photo below shows the first four piles being created.

The other consequence of the rain was that the mosquitos and sand flies were abundant . And the sand flies were vicious.


Having poured the concrete it is important to make sure that there is no entrapped air and to ensure that this is not the case for our piles ( I am sure this is the case for everyone else that Daniel builds for) they rodded the concrete.


Slightly out of sequence ( well OK totally out of sequence) , they had set up the concrete mixer close to the road and just as close to the sand, stone, cement and water.


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