Breaking ground in Ambergris Caye,Belize.

Got up this morning with a sore head . The consequence of too many beers and shots at Pedro’s last night.

Had my first cup of coffee whilst reading The Times and started to feel better. Switched on the tv and watched Arsenal lose very easily to Manchester United and felt a lot worse. The day needed to improve .

By just after 9 am Rose and I arrived at our lot to find that Daniel and some of his team were at work marking out where the piles are going to be sunk and making the rebar frames that will ‘sit’ within the concrete piles. The piles are an essential element of the build and our house is going to have 18 of them with a further 2 being required for the external stairway.

Rose and I had the pleasure and honour of breaking the ground where the first of the house piles will be sunk. You can see Daniel in the photo with Rose.



The piles should be poured early next week and after a two day curing period will be ready for sinking.


  1. Mark Burnell says:

    John – See your glad to throw off the shackles of years of H&S inteference and get to work with the shovel and pick in protective flip-flops!

    1. Health and Safety. What’s Health & Safety?

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