Dental work -Part 3

Well, went to the Doctor for my EKG. Had the test and was truly pleased when he told me that – contrary to what Rose has been telling me for years – I do have a heart . And it is in good condition. Unusually good condition for someone of my age . So, Rose might be partially right

Wrong that I do not have one . But partially right because it does not appear to have been used much! Message to self – must demonstrably show more use of it . Reminders now in diary for Valentines Day , Rose’s birthday and our anniversary. Not looking forward to the next EKG , it will probably show detioration because of increased usage !


  1. Vanessa and Roy sorrell says:

    Very interesting John and rose. We will watch with eagerness to see the progress. Should keep you busy for a while. Hope you are both ok? Good luck with your project xxx

    1. We are both very well Vanessa and hope that the same applies for Roy and you.

      So much better living in a warm climate isn’t it.

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