Dental Work -Part 2

Dental Work -Part 2

The dental practice I have chosen to use in Belize City appear to be extremely thorough . Before the treatment – scheduled for next Wednesday – can be carried out I have been told I have to have an EKG ( a requirement for the treatment I am having if you are over 40 years of age ( and regretfully I am) ) and a blood test.

Going for the EKG this morning for a cost of BZ$84.40 and the blood test on Friday at a cost of BZ$223. The blood test is scheduled for 7am which is good because I have to fast before going for it . So the plan is blood test and then breakfast at Estel’s. I will deserve this after having taken no liquid or food for around 14 hours.

On a completely different subject we have noticed the temperature dropping slightly, the first time since being here that there has been a sense of chilly weather . Still very warm by UK standards but…Time to start reminding ourselves what sweaters we brought with us !

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