The first steps towards the build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

This morning Daniel Camal,the builder we have appointed to construct our house, ‘planted’ the posts that laid out the footprint of where our house will be built.

A truly momemorable occasion for us and one that we have spent the last 4 years waiting for. It is amazing what a few posts hammered into the ground can do to stimulate your imagination.Both Rose and I could see our new home in its finished form ( and no, we were not on marijuana ).

We were impressed with the way that Daniel conducted himself during the tender process we ran for the selection of the builder and are confident that he will deliver a house that matches our aspirations . Time will tell, of course.

We look forward to the next important step when we ‘break ground’ but the adventure has now truly begun.


The photograph shows the area on which our house will be built.


  1. Sue and Bill Davis says:

    Oh you must both be very excited about this next step you are taking, it sounds wonderful good luck with it all and we will follow your story

    1. Hi Sue

      We are. Just got to be patient. Only 40 ish weeks to go!!!

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