Planning of a different kind – dental work.

Shortly after arriving on Ambergris Caye I realised that the cap that I had repaired just before leaving the UK would not ‘last the course’. More permanent repair was necessary if I didn’t want to have a gap-toothed smile!

So, I set about researching what options were available because flying to England was not on the ‘menu’.

I googled dental practices in Cancun, Guatamala, Nicaragua and Belize to see which practices carried out implant work because this is how I intended to have the very frail cap replaced. There was an abundance of practices that carried this out but after considering the additional travel, time and cost I settled on one in Belize City that a dentist from Guatamala practised in implant surgery visited once a month.

So, I made an appointment for an examination which revealed that my teeth had not been particularly well looked after by the dentist that I had used the UK for nearly 40 years( chose him when my sister worked for him as a dental nurse). He informed me how much work needed to be done (a major overhaul was required) and how much it would cost(lots). I decided to test him by having the tired and frail cap replaced with an implant and after this I would decide to use him for the remainder (the bulk) of the treatment.

Well I had the implant fitted two weeks ago and it looks and feels fine so next Wednesday I am in the surgery again for the other 7 implants ( all day with my mouth prised open). When this has been done I will have the associated work – root canal, a bridge and some crown replacements – done.

Very necessary work but very expensive . Once done though it should ‘see me out’.


  1. kristina nadreau says:

    plz let me know what this man charged you for the first single implant. also his contact information could be useful if you are still satisfied with his work. I am enjoying your blog. Went back to the very beginning.

    thank you Kristina Nadreau, Corozal

    1. Hi Kristina. I think it best that you contact the dental clinic direct. I had 7 implants done and other stuff as well so I cannot look at the cost of 1 implant in isolation . For example there will be the cost of the local anesthetic. In my case this covered 7 implants.

      As to being satisfied with the treatment I have received, yes, very.

      Thanks for reading the blog.

      1. Elke says:

        Could you please e-mail me the name and address of the dentist?

      2. Hi Elke
        Have sent you the web link via email. Best John

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