Trying to get the build started

Nearly two weeks ago the architectural plans for the home we are going to build were submitted ( by the builder we have appointed to construct it for us)to the San Pedro Planning Board.

They decided not to hold a meeting that week because they only had one application. Ours! So, this was held in abeyance until this week and we understand that our plans were going to be reviewed and decided upon last night. Fingers crossed that they were approved and we get the ‘good to go’ message today.

What our builder was told when he was ‘chasing up’ this week though was that he could start laying out the lot in readiness for the start. This is going to start next Monday whether we got approval last night or not.

Clearance of the lot – cutting down and removal of weeds, debris, etc – commenced just over a week ago and has made an amazing difference to how the lot looks . So much bigger than we remembered . ‘Before’ and ‘after’ pictures will be posted shortly.


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