A bit about us

I suppose the first thing to do with this blog is to provide a bit of information about myself and my wife.

My name is John and I am English ( hold a British passport), aged 61(passed 62 since starting the blog) and am married to Rose, a lovely Irish ‘girl’.

I worked in the publishing industry in the UK for 44 years (for over half of this time I worked for Rupert Murdoch when he was at the ‘top of his game’)until I was made redundant in August 2009. This event accelerated the plans that Rose and I had to retire and move to Belize, plans that were formed when we first visited Ambergris Caye in August 2009. For us it definitely was ‘love at first sight’!

We bought a condo around two months after our first visit and this became the base for our annnual ( sometimes twice a year) visits. In 2004 we bought some lots of land in the San Pablo area on which we eventually planned to build our new home. These plans changed quite dramatically however in 2008 when saw two lots on the lagoon side of Tres Cocos and bought them. We bought the land from Pelican Properties who were extremely professional and helpful throughout the whole process.

Back to being made redundant. With the decision taken to retire early we set about selling our property in England (we lived very close to Canary Wharf in East London)and deciding which of our possessions would make the journey with us and which would not. Quite easy for me but it was a really difficult process for Rose. She had fond memories and strong attachments to nearly every thing. And we had lots of stuff to decide on, believe me.

Anyway, we eventually sold our flat and made the big move and arrived on Ambergris Caye on 31 May this year having pre rented an apartment for a year. We also had organised a long term rental of a golf cart.

Since arriving we have reacquainted ourselves with the very many friends we have made over the years and, I am pleased to ‘say’, made many new ones. The primary focus for us on arriving,however,was to finalise our architectural plans ( we started the process whilst in England when we appointed Strukture Architects of Belize City to design our dream home for us) and to decide who would build our new home for us. This we have now done.

So why the blog? Well I decided that I would like to create a log to fulfil a number of objectives. These are -in no set order of importance- to give me something to do, to record (in words and pictures)the building of our new home and finally to hopefully help others that are thinking of also building a new home and life on Ambergris Caye.


  1. Joe says:

    Sapphire Beach, it has been a 4.5 yr nightmare that is NOW finally coming to fruition thank God! A group of buyers took over the project with the Belize builder and secured financing to finish the project. My unit is the southern most beach unit on the second floor, unit 10C.

    1. I had heard about the Sapphire Beach problems . Really pleased for you that they have been resolved.

  2. Joe says:

    I read that you bought a condo but have rented an apartment for the duration of the build, just wondered why not live in your condo? BTW, I bought a condo north of you (7 miles or roughly 11.2654 clics) and hopefully it will be finished when I come down in Feb 2013. I too am 61. Seems to be a good age to be in Belize.

    1. Correct Joe, we bought a condo. In fact we bought it ( or started the process at least) within weeks of our first visit here. We only ever purchased it as somewhere to stay when we came on holiday and as an investment ( there used to be a very good return from the rental pool).
      We sold it around 3 years ago ( good offer price) because having lived in an apartment for 19 years we knew that when we eventually came to live here we wanted a house with a garden.
      What is the name of the development where you have your condo?

  3. Ian Jackson says:

    Enjoying the blog John. You clearly have too much time on your hands!
    Sympathise with the implant surgery story. I have had 4 since I moved to the US and every one of them hurt like hell! Obviously the jokes that americans make about the english and their teeth are true!

    1. Ian , yes o have a lot more time on my hands than in the past but…

      Heard loads of things the Americans think about the English but none about us and our teeth. What’s the story?

      1. Ian Jackson says:

        Yep. Its a common tease over here. ‘You’re English? Let’s see your teeth!’ The perception is that we dont look after our teeth. Compared to their obsessive dental hygiene they may be right! They wear braces until they are 30 and sleep with gum shields that straighten their teeth. OK, not all of them but its borderline obsessive unless you are poor.
        Who knew I would become the cultural attache for the US?

  4. Scheduled for 40 weeks but the weather will play a big part

  5. David Cooke says:

    John glad to hear its all going well I even liked the White Hart Lane gag!

    1. It is going great thanks David. Hope that the same applies for you.

      It is not a gag, I am serious ( if Rose allows it!).

      1. David Cooke says:

        I am good thanks John hope dental work is sorted, how log will building take can you remind me?

  6. Sue wheatstone says:

    So pleased all is going well. Doesn’t seem like you miss the uk at all!!

    Looking forward to reading (and seeing pictures) if how things progress.

    Love to you both


  7. jim and karen gilchrist says:

    Loved this, looking forward to the updates. Hope permission went ok . give rose our best regards jim and karen.

  8. roseypon says:

    Sounds Great!!!!!

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